Evaporative Coolers rental

We offer wide range of evaporative coolers for rent in Dubai (and other Emirates), Our evaporative air coolers are cost effective solutions for Industrial , Home garden and workshop cooling applications.

Service area Dubai & All Emirates
Price range From 100AED/day
Air flow 6000~ 24000 m3/h
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Evaporative outdoor air coolers use water evaporative flash cooling to provide lower air temperature  clean and fresh, those evaporative coolers  supply 100% fresh air  unlike traditional air conditioners. can be used for outdoor and indoor,but in case of using them indoor need to keep door or window open to let the humidity escape.


Outdoor air coolers to hire are subject to availability, below are examples only:

Indoor evaporative cooler rental

Indoor evaporative cooler

The portable evaporative air cooler is  practical alternative air conditioning, these mobile cooling machine have been specially designed to cool small room or  office.

  • can cool up to 40m2 using water evaporation
  • can control air speed and direction
  • Portable and easy to use.
230V, 220W

Air outdoor cooler rental

Air outdoor cooler

Recommended for Garden, patio, smoking area and open workshops , this Evaporative outdoor cooler provides natural evaporative cooling for open space up to 53m2.

  • Can reduce temperature up to 9 Degrees C.
  • Powerful air flow up to 6000 cubic meter per hour with swing louvres.
  • automatic filling Hose connection option.
1380 x 780 x 560mm

Industrial evaporative air cooler rental

Industrial evaporative cooler

Ideal for cooling smaller areas such as shops, offices, conservatories and domestic rooms, this compact, portable Industrial evaporative cooler comes with oscillation louvres.

  • Ideal for cooling small rooms up to 21m2
  • Large 13L water reservoir keeps cooler running continuously for hours
  • Powerful 3 speed fan allows user complete control of cooling
670 x 440 x 300mm