Dryers and dehumidifiers rentals



If your workspace is very humid, or you need to remove moisture from the air, Our range of dryers and dehumidifiers is ideal for the Industrial and commercial applications. Our powerful dehumidifiers can remove any amount of moisture in server room, we have wide range of portable dehumidifiers , hot air dryers and descant dehumidifiers to suit any application.



No more checking water levels and emptying water containers with this new building dryer. The inbuilt pump automatically purges water through the supplied hose direct into a sink or drain, over 12m away.

Save when you hire our Drying Hire Packs. Using the Hire pack significantly reduces drying time, it helps dry rooms that may have been affected by flooding but it can also be used to help to speed up the drying time for walls that have recently been plastered.

  • Switch it on and leave it to dry out walls and rooms
  • Removes up to 55L of water per day
  • Fitted with front filter, duct mountings and hourly meter
  • Self draining pump
  • Supplied with a discharge hose



This is a professional dehumidifier with an extra high capacity of up to 52 litres in 24 hours. This dehumidifier is like all other units – easily portable with large wheels and can be used in rooms up to 400m2. All the Wilms dehumidifiers operate by just one switch.

  • Will remove up to 52ltr of water in 24 hours
  • Recommended for rooms up to 400m2
  • Easily portable with large wheels



With a maximum extraction capacity of 180 litres a day this unit is our largest dehumidifier. Extracted water can be transferred direct to a drain up to 30m away from the unit which means there is no requirement to empty water tanks. Machine is controlled by thermostat set points.

  • Up to 180L per Day water extraction capacity
  • Up to 30m condensate drain, no tank to empty
  • Machine mounted control extraction control
  • IP Rating 55





Drying out carpets after leaks and floods is easy with this powerful three-speed, heavy-duty dryer. Just lift one edge of the carpet, insert the nozzle and switch on! It works on hard floors, by simply directing the airflow over the wet surface.

  • Three-speed operation
  • Powerful 375 watts motor and 2500 cfm airflow
  • Used as an air mover can dramatically improve the effectiveness and performance of dehumidifiers